Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Rock! Camp Cliff Notes Day 1

-When the Jonas Brothers are used as an example of pop rock, the response is about 60 out of 80 girls, ages 8-17 yelling "Boooo" or "Ewwww" loudly.

-Unlimited gummy bears provided by Whole Foods in the counselor's lounge ( which is actually a swelteringly hot teacher's lounge with a giant box of unlimited gummy bears from Whole Foods), eat your heart out Eric.

-The girls in my band struggle to name themselves. Out the many, many suggestions my favorites were: Homecoming Riot, Gothic Thunder, 50 Pound Feather, Hola, and "Hey, let's make our name something in German." The band is yet to be named.

-Hearing my daughter and her friend Amaya explain that their band, The Ravens are writing a song about a killer snowman. Discarded song ideas were writing about a terrifying flying pink hamster or a drunken boa.

-Watching a clip of Sister Rosetta in the Women Who Rock lecture, the woman is incredible!

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sb said...

girls rock sounds amazing. and you must be a very rockin' counselor. i can't wait to hear more.