Sunday, March 15, 2009

Red-Legged Honeycrepper

Today at the Lincoln Park Zoo I learned some thing I should have known a long time ago. Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, birds hold the title of most awesomely named. Behold!

Orange Bishop (covert op for the C.I.A)

Blue-Face Honeyeater (circus legend)

Snowy Egret (topped the charts in the 60's)

Hamerkop ("Back for Blood, Hammerkop II")

Emerald Starling (exotic dancer)

Cape Thick-Knee (the dreaded pirate)

Yellow-Throated Laughing Thrush (what happens when you drink the water)

Inca Tern (published several times in The Lancet)

Sunbittern (opened for Jimmy Buffett)

Twany Frogmouth (BFF's with Emerald Starling)

Red Knot (is Live at the Apollo!)

Piping Plover (my new favorite cuss word)


Lovers in a Dangerous Time said...

You are hysterical.

Eric said...

OK, I've given you plenty of time to fix the typo in the title of this posting so, I'm just going to go ahead and point it out: Natalie meant to say "Red-legged Honeycreeper" because that's what it was called and "Red-legged Honeycrepper" sounds stupid.