Saturday, November 29, 2008

Under the Influence

I need to stop watching Top Chef and move away from Chicago. For Thanksgiving I made homemade macaroni and cheese that suuuuuucked. I had made the same recipe at Thanksgiving three years earlier and one of my sister-in-law's still talks about how amazing it was. I hadn't made this mac and cheese recipe since then and was a little cocky. The dish was bone dry, slightly sour and I was mortified. I also made red velvet cake for the first time and burnt corners. The shame! Eric had to listen to me obsess over my missteps all the ways home.

It's all Top Chef and the city of Chicago's fault, I never would have cared about this years ago when the show didn't exist and I lived in a small college town out West. I need to be living somewhere where the only pizza you can get is from Little Cesears. A town where you can't eat food from around the world and "Italian" is considered exotic. I know what good food tastes like. I hold myself to much higher standards now.

I woke up yesterday morning intent on redoing the recipes. I figured out what happened with the macaroni immediately. I had forgotten to double certain parts of the recipe, like the butter and milk...the things that would have helped take the crunchy texture out of the macaroni. Yeah. My Black Friday mac and cheese turned out beautifully (see picture). I stood over my stove cooing "You. You should have been the one..." Since the red velvet cake turned out decent I decided to make a gluten free white cake with blueberrys and no burned corners.

A few family and friends got to gobble down my food remix and I slept soundly last night.

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